Media is what we are attracted towards in any event. Be it colourful enticing media banner backdrop, street flags and banners, videos, these are the first thing we notice. Events such as movie premieres, brand launches, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, competitions and sports events all use media banner backdrop. These banners are important and staple in any entertaining or corporate forums. Where media banner backdrop is used for special occasions to showcase brands and sponsors, street flags and banners are used to market a product, a brand or service nationwide. You will witness enticing billboards and vibrant street flags hanging from every road light. A good street flag adds compelling appeal to the eyes of the passersby.  There are so many times when you turn your head to look at some banner. Street flags and banners are one of the cheapest means of marketing and promoting your product. These street flags are also used in competition at schools and colleges. Street flags are also easy to make. You select your design and colour, and the companies will sew top quality street flags for you. You can customize them in any way you want. Next, we will see what makes these banners and flags important in the following article. 

Why is banner important? 

There are several merits to use media banners and street flags for advertising purposes. When there is a public event, you want maximum exposure to your brand or product. Though internet banner campaigns drive more audience, a hyped event, sports competition of a festival interact with the live audience, so these banners are important. some of the other events are the following: 

  • No matter what your venue is, a beautifully made eye-catching media banner backdrop will make your whole event colourful. When people arrive at the venue of the event, they are only mesmerized by what they are presented to. So vibrant banners will add value to your venue. 
  • Behind any occasion, concert, or festival there is a large number of bodies supporting the cause. A lot of brands are responsible for starting your event. Sponsors like media channels, clothing brands, famous food brands and advertising companies work hard to make any event a success and there is no better way to express your gratitude in a form of banner and media walls. This is to acknowledge their help and services and increase their reputation. 
  • Banners are also important for people who have just started their business. It takes time to achieve audience form the internet, therefore, make a presentable banner showcasing your business and present it at any famous ongoing forum or event. This also works very effectively because people get to interact and know about your brand and service through direct communication with you. If you appear and introduce your brand without a banner, people will not seem to understand you, that’s why the banner is important. 
  • What better way is there to market and advertise your product than by banner? As mentioned earlier lots of people, celebrities, media channels, attend a hyped show. If your brand is among the sponsors, the media walls and banner will immediately catch attendees’ eyes. People can take pictures with your media walls. The hosts mention and acknowledge the sponsors thus gaining your credit.  

Why street flags? 

There are so many people who either don’t have internet access or doesn’t use social media religiously so they may not be familiar with the newest brands or services. Street flags and banners are mostly used by organizations, companies and colleges because they remain in motion due to winds and can certainly attract people from distance. Where media walls are used at specific events, streets flags can be used at any time of the day without any ongoing event. They are the cheapest mean of promoting and advertising your business and organization and gain attention.  

Media walls vs street flags: 

Media walls may utilize lots of printing and stationery materials. They also cannot be used after one or two events. However, street flags use fabric which can be used over and over and at any time. Street flags have to be the cheapest marketing strategy since the materials consumption and preparation is very less.  

Street flags are also easy to install, and they don’t take up much space either. They can be carried anywhere with ease and very lightweight.