People these days opt for fancy degrees and experiences when it comes to their occupation. We all want to have fancy titles as prefixes so we can flaunt them in our friends and gatherings. However, there are very few people who opt for skill-based jobs. The jobs that are a foundation element in our everyday life tasks. Bricklaying is one of them. It might not be a glamorous industry. We know, just by the name of it, you must have already gotten the idea that it is a hard-working job. The kind where you have to invest your blood and sweat into something to build it up. You must be wondering; as to why you should work as a bricklayer when it is a job that requires so much physical efforts and exertion. Don’t worry, to answer that; we are here. We are going to walk you through all the reasons you should make a career in bricklaying. 

Let’s start with the reason I am sure many of us can resonate with. Who gets bored of a 9-5 job, sitting idle at work all day long? We know how much of a buzzkill that can be for all those who do not like stable jobs. If you compare those office jobs of yours to the bricklaying apprenticeship Melbourne, you are in for a treat. Forget about spending all those long hours trapped in an office. If you become a bricklayer, you have to work outside. Not just that, but your workplace won’t be boring. You will be changing places and sceneries regularly. Every time you start a new project, you will be shifting to a new location, which means that you will be starting at a new place. The best part? You won’t be getting bored so quickly. When you continuously change your settings and surroundings, you are bound to feel interested and fresh. The cherry on top, most of Australia’s construction is happening at scenic locations. So, you will be experiencing nature and beauty, which we are sure we all want to. If it gives you any more sense of safety, let us tell you there is a shortage of bricklayers. It means that you won’t be ever out of jobs of your gigs. 

What most of the people don’t know is that bricklaying isn’t just a flying skill. It takes a lot of expertise, skill development and experience to master it. You can also get a degree on bricklaying on multiple levels. However, be prepared that learning it and earning the qualification takes time. Moreover, earning different levels of expertise can even take a lifetime. So, it is a no joke area. You have to study, do an apprenticeship and qualify yourself on so many levels to call yourself a bricklayer. It isn’t just laying brick over brick. You are building up an entire structure. That requires precision, presence of mind and capability to calculate every action of yours. Let us tell you one thing, once you get enough qualification to start in the practical world and get your first project that would be the start. You will have more significant opportunities because as mentioned, there is a scarcity of skilful bricklayers. Keep a tab on all your portfolio and document it so you can show to your future clients on in prospective pitches. Always work towards a result so what you create become a marvel to be shown to people. What’s satisfying about this job is that at the end of the day, after all the hard work, you can look at what you created and feel a sense of satisfaction. Your achievements are always right in front of you.  

We will like to end this article by telling you one major point that’s a hit with all bricklayers and many more other fields. You get to be your boss. If you have taken proper qualifications and have apprenticeship experience, you can dive into the market head-on. Just in a few years, you can go from an apprentice to becoming self-employed. It won’t be hard for you to find your gigs and work on them. It is a business that won’t require an investment. What more would anyone want?