Shipping Containers are in high demand everywhere due to their usefulness and flexibility. Moving goods as far away as the other end of the World Map or in the same state, is no hickey thanks to these containers. Choosing the right container, however, is not half as easy if you’re not familiar with them. The amount of options available in the market can easily dazzle a layman. There’s a multitude of companies offering different options: 20ft,30ft and 40ft shipping container price for sale and similarly simple ones. Not to fret though because following the tips given here will equip you with all the required knowledge that you need for choosing the best shipping container for your needs.  

Figuring Out the Purpose of Purchase 

Contrary to common belief, shipping containers have an abundance of uses, each different from the next. Of course, their primary purpose is shipping goods but they’re also very popular for business needs. For example, a café based out of a container gives a very retro look. 

Deciding the Appropriate Material  

People think that all containers are made of the same material but they’re mistaken. Containers come in mainly two types of materials which are: 

  • Aluminum Contained  
  • Steel Containers 

Even among these two, there are numerous varieties but knowing these two ca suffice for choosing the right container. One needs to be varied of the material used in manufacturing of the container and choose the one that is tailored for their specific use. Steel containers are more rigid and resistant whereas Aluminum containers are comparatively less hardy but a lot lighter. So, for instance, if you wish to transport goods at a small distance, an Aluminum container would be sufficient. Similarly, if you are buying a container with the intention of living in it, Aluminum containers would be superior.  

New or Used? 

This is a question that’s asked a lot and the simple answer to which is that it depends entirely on your budget. A new shipping container is always preferable but is expensive for example a new 40ft container piece can go up to a whopping $5000! While on the other hand a used 40ft container price can be as low as $3000 depending upon its grade. In case of used containers, the grade plays a pivotal role in the selection process. It reflects how the container was left after its previous use. Depending upon the fragility of the goods, the containers with below par grades must be discarded from the list of choices.  

Finding the Right Size 

After the purpose has been defined and the condition finalized, next up is choosing the right size. Used shipping containers for sale usually have standard dimensions except for the length which varies. There are 10,20 and 40ft containers widely available in the market and their prices vary accordingly. Obviously the 40ft container price is the highest and then 20ft and last is 10ft. 

Check the Container Yourself 

The grade of the container is a good estimation of its condition but it must never be blindly relied upon especially when containers cost a fortune. Have a detailed inspection of the short-listed containers to your heart’s contentment. 

Be Careful of The Container’s Age 

Any container older than 8 years should straightaway raise red flags. However, once refurbished, containers of up to 15 years of age are usable. These numbers may vary though as each instance is distinct. 

Check If the Container is in Working Condition 

Aside from appearances, the working mechanisms fitted inside the container should also be thoroughly inspected so as not to cause problems later on. These include the doors, locks, hinges and refrigeration units in case of 40ft refrigerated containers that are usually for sale as they include the added price of the unit. 


As seen above, the number of containers available for purchase each with different variations makes choosing the right container a tedious job. This article, however, covers all the basics and having read it you’re equipped to choose the right container for yourself!