Phone tablets and smart devices are expensive investments which must be insured and protected by all means in order to make the most of your money that you put into buying these devices. There was a time when there was not much competition going on in the market technologically but then with the passage of time, things got expedited and reached an advanced level while paving way for a new era of smart devices where you cannot think about going a day without having one to assist you to perform your tasks. These devices and tablets are not only very useful but expensive as well, one has to go through a great deal of effort and financial input to score one good device. This correlation between price and quality and technological advancement has given rise to insure these devices as well as protecting them by using different cases or covers. There are a plethora of vendors who have been providing a range of basic to advanced level cases and covers based protection for smartphones and tablets across Australia, it is up to you what you choose to save the day for you.  

The casebuddy has earned a good name in this regard in a short span of time when it comes to finding a one-stop solution to all your phone protection needs. They house the best quality covers as well as feature-based in order to make things easier for people and to provide them with a choice to satiate their needs accordingly. Goes without saying that, our reckless uses of smartphones and tablets make them prone to accidents, fall over, scratches and other damages, digging a hole in our pocket in terms of follow-up repairs. Because you never know what happens at what times, therefore, it is a smart decision to protect the tablet or phone by covering it all up in the right accessories. Samsung Galaxy range is very delicate, be it a phone or tablet, therefore it has its own range of protection and safety gears to give longevity to the lifespan of these devices. But one must consider a few things before picking out a case or cover for its galaxy tab in order to make the most of its decision, such as: 

Back Covers 

The most common form of Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 covers and cases which allow you to protect the device from the back but not from the front. Therefore, you will still be needing the screen protectors to keep your front interface from scratches or screen related accidents. It is also a good choice for those who get irritated by having to interact with the screen cover firstly, every time they put a hand on their phone. 

Book Cases 

These galaxy tab cases Australia treat and protect the device like a book, protecting both the sides when the device is not in used but providing you with multiple options and conveniences of usage when you are reading or watching a movie.  

Covers With Integrated Keyboard 

Another attractive option to feature into the safety regimen of your galaxy tab cases or covers. These especially come very handy when you have to do a lot of work on your tablet related to typing but you do not want to open up the laptop every time to pull that off. In such situations, it is ideal to opt for such protective covers with integrated keyboards to make your life a lot easier. 

Options With Fall Protection 

If the usage of your galaxy tab is too extensive, especially by the hands of children then you must opt for the fall protection covers and cases in order to save the day for you when it will fall over on the ground someday as an accident. This fall protection Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 covers and cases come in all types of options such as back covers, bookcases and others, to name a few. Though they protect the phones to a great extent but do not make the device look aesthetically that good.  

Model Specific Covers 

There are a few specific covers which are model specific, the good thing about Samsung Galaxy range is most of its models have their own specific covers, with the exact sizes, etching and button cutouts as well as features by considering the specifications of that model only. So this is another good option to enhance the security of your tablets from crashing over the ground.