Babies are the most innocent and purest creatures of God which can depict their feelings through words so they use actions instead. Through baby’s changing actions, parents comes to know about their baby’s every like and dislike. If a baby cries then this means that either a child is hungry, sleepy or feeling some kind of a pain. When a newborn baby reaches third month, the process of teething begins. It is a painful process for toddlers due to which they keep on crying. To help baby’s out of such matters pacifiers and teethers are made. In this article we are going to know about the difference between a pacifier and a teether. 

Teething process: 

Before knowing about teething pacifier and teething giraffe, let us first talk about teething process. Teething is a process in which a baby or a toddler begins to grow his milk teeth. Mostly, an infant of three month old starts teething but age may vary from kid to kid. However, one thing is for sure which is that it is extremely painful process for infants. They feel pain in their gums and are unable to do anything about it. That is why they put hands and other unhygienic stuff in their mouth to relieve this pain even if it is for some time. 

To help kids out of this issue, teether and pacifier were made. They are made in such a way that child finds it relieving to rub his sore gums against teether’s or pacifier’s rubber. 

Teething pacifier: 

Teething pacifier is a rubber or silicon made tiny product which is in round shape. It is used to sooth the pain of a child as when a kid puts this pacifier between his gums, he finds it soothing. One of the main differences between pacifier and teether is that a pacifier is given since a child’s birth whereas teether is used only after a child has reached three month. There are various types of pacifiers which might include Philips Avnet soothe pacifier, MAM silicone start pacifier and many more such pacifiers. 

Teething giraffe: 

Teething giraffe is a type of a teether but it is the most popular one as it is made with hundred percent natural rubber and food colors. It is made in such a way that it is completely hygienic for a child to put it in his mouth. Besides being hygienic, it is flexible and non-toxic as well. Not just the materials used in its making are of best quality but the shape given to it is also quite satisfying. Sophie the giraffe’s thin, flexible legs come easily in the grip of a child. It is highly recommendable teether and is quite in demand. Teething giraffe is given to children only after they have reached the age of three months. 

Moreover, besides teething giraffe, there are various other kinds of teether as well like baby banana infant training teether and toothbrush, nurture land fruit teethers, nubby icing bite teething keys and many more such teethers are present in market. 

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Babies are the most pure and innocent creatures of God who cannot describe their feelings by using words that is why they try to tell their emotions through actions. Babies cry when they feel hungry, sleepy or feeling pain anywhere. Similarly, they cry when they start teething which is a process of growing milk teeth. To reduce the pain of teething process, teething pacifier and teething giraffe are introduced in the market. They are both used for same purpose but are made with different methods and are used in different age groups. Teething giraffe is one of the most hygienic and recommendable teether for infants. “The baby gift company” is one of the best companies of Australia that delivers its gifts all across the Australia.