Father’s Day is just around the corner and it is almost time to find dad something special. It is never an easy assignment though trying to buy something that shows how much you care but which also feels like you put in effort and thought. So often parents just want the same thing year after year; be it alcohol or a book or just a genuine request for quality time. The truth is that as they get older parents, in fact people in general, get harder and harder to buy gifts for. So as the big day approaches, here are a few ideas to get you thinking and to help you deliver a genuine surprise when his day arrives. 

Smoking hot 

We all know that smoking is bad for your health. But things are changing rapidly and electronic cigarettes are increasing in vogue. According to a recent survey the phrase vape pen Australia was one of the most searched for terms on the internet. It goes to show how popular these devices are, and if your dad is a man who enjoys a puff from time-to-time, them why not introduce him to the world of vaping and e-cigarettes. It will certainly be a something a little different to the usual gifts. 

Tattoo time 

How about indulging in a little child and parent bonding and sponsoring dad a tattoo. Body art is increasingly in vogue and more and more people are getting inked these days. If your dad has never been for a tattoo find out why. It might be that he is very averse to the idea, in which case it is not a great gift, but he might be open to the idea of a genuine bonding experience with his child. Matching tattoos could be a great thing to get, you don’t only get to share the experience and thrill of being inked, but as you move on in life there will be a tangible shared expression of your connection in the form of the tattoo. 

Go behind the scenes 

So many companies offer behind the scenes tours these days, a genuine insight into how they make things. So if your dad is into craft beer, organize a trip behind the scenes at a micro-brewer so he can see how they make their magic. Or check out a gin distillery. Or arrange a trip into the hanging room of your local butcher. The options are vast and many so look for something that interests hi, or which he will enjoy, and then arrange the trip. And make sure that you join him – after all this is as much about bonding with dad as it is about treating him. 

Exotic botany 

He might not be a green finger but who isn’t fascinated by things like Bonsais or Venus Flytraps. Even if they are dead after a couple of weeks they still make for great talking points. And the truth is that while Venus Flytraps might be harder to keep, Bonsais are actually very easy to keep alive. And they look very cool on a window sill or on display somewhere in the house. You might even turn him on to a new hobby.