There are numerous ways to use pay-per-click advertising to your advantage. Of all of the options available out there, however, Google has created an avenue that has proven to be the most profitable. With Adwords, companies can give themselves a better chance of ending up on the first page of the search engine titan. This has proven time and again to lead to more traffic to websites and greater sales. If you have utilized this method as well and not have found it as satisfactory, you may be not using the right methods. Here are some tactics that you can try instead:

Get a Good Quality Score

Google uses a Quality Score to determine which businesses should be placed at the top of list. The better your score, the better chance you have to secure a good position. Furthermore, there is also a good chance that you may have to pay less for each click in the future. So, how is your Quality Score calculated? Well, perhaps the most important factor is just how relevant your ad is. The search engine will also consider just how compatible the advertisement is to the actual content on your website. The other aspect is how well your ad is estimated to do – for example, what the click-through-rate to your site will actually be.

Geo-target Your Ads

There is little point in someone in England seeing your advertisement if you are focusing on Content Marketing. This is why it is important to geo-target your ads. This will ensure that only the people in a specific area will see it when they type in the relevant keywords. By doing so, you will be increasing the possibility of you catering to your intended audience. It also serves another purpose – preventing random visits to your site. Since you will only be catering to your region, you will not have to waste money by paying for clicks that will never translate to sales.

Create Variations and Test Them

People have different ways of expressing a want or need. This is why it can be quite difficult to predict what keywords will work and which are just a waste of money. This is why it can help to try several variations of a particular phrase or words. Then, you will be able to monitor them to see how well each of them perform. With this method, you can tell which ones should be discarded in the future.

To narrow down your search even more, try conversion tracking. This helps you to determine whether your preferred action is taking place on your website after someone has visited it. This can mean different things for companies. Some want to increase sales, others want more people to subscribe or register. By tracking this, you will can see if the visits are actually translating to something more.

Streamline Your Ads

Similar to geo-targeting, you need to streamline your ads as much as possible. This way, you avoid having to pay unnecessary costs and improve your conversion rate. You can do this by using “negative keywords” or “negative matches”. These words or phrases are ones that prevent your ad from being triggered even if some of your relevant keywords are being used as well. Imagine, for instance, that you want to be shown to people looking up “women’s clothing Australia”. However, you don’t want people looking for “free shipping”.

This is what you can do to make your google PPC campaign more efficient.