Look, the fact of the matter is that whatever you try to do to keep your building in great shape, it is going to lose and gain value – such are the ebbs and flows of the property fraternity. At some stage or another, you are going to have to get the professionals in to do some sort of tests and offer you feedback on what’s on the go. Don’t hire somebody who doesn’t really know what they are doing to get this done. Instead, pay the price that is asked of a quantity surveyor or a similar profession and get this process done the right way. 

The correct documentation for you and for them 

The first thing you are probably going to be advised about when the time is right will be your need and requirement for a building depreciation report. This is the sort of documentation that will be needed to keep in lines with laws and statutes that have been put in place to protect all and sundry involved in this field. It can be a pretty detailed account of things and should not be scoffed at or glossed over. Ensure that it is done the right way, and that all the fields or filled in and out correctly. Ensure that the various pages of the documents are checked once or twice – and then have a second or third set of eyes look over this as well. You will be glad that you did this, because you will be able to tick off one of the greater elements on your hefty to do list. 

The right process for all and sundry involved in the build 

There are going to be plenty of people involved in the process, from the lawyers to the actual foremen on site if or when you decide to go ahead with upgrades to an existing place or build an entirely new one from scratch. They will all have to follow the right processes, which have also been put in place to guard against possible bad elements that sometimes sneak into the building world. Nobody doesn’t want to be covered by legalities if and or when needed, so as tedious as they can be to complete, you really need to back yourself to get this done sooner or later. 

When it comes to the lettering of the law and the proverbial and literal nuts and bolts 

No attention to detail should go unnoticed. Each ‘t’ crossed and each ‘i’ dotted needs to be noted with the utmost of caution, so that the actual fun part – the build and the surveying – is not actually hampered or hindered along the way by possible small but important oversights. Look at this as if you are approaching it as a team, rather than a group of individuals. Follow up with each other and make sure that you hold each other accountable. Have regular check ins with each other to make sure that everyone is up to speed with the various elements at hand.