External Wall cladding is not just for protecting the outside of your home against Mother Nature. It is also a great way to showcase the exterior of your house and create something unique and interesting that will stop your neighbours in their tracks. While there a wide range of external cladding materials available, given below are the most popular material combinations that are currently trendy at the moment. Visit your local specialist to have a look at these stunning fixtures or just get an idea of the best option for your home.

Combining different Materials together for a unique look
A very popular trend in external wall cladding is to essentially merge different cladding materials together for a unique effect.  Mainly, this just means using more than two different cladding materials to create a more up to date and modern look.  Using more than one cladding material for the external surfaces of your house can really aid to break up any large spaces and to separate the different parts of your home.  The end result is a stunning house that is visually eye catching.

Using diverse shades in the Same Cladding

Another popular trend is the use of a single cladding material on the external portions of your house in different shades. For example black and light grey. Or light grey and dark blue. You can choose to keep it in the same shade family or use two different colours for a contrasting and eye-catching effect. The options are endless and it’s only limited by your theme. This trend is slowly growing in popularity and works well with a lot of materials.

Natural Stone Cladding for a stunning finish

Natural stone has been a popular building material for a long time and nothing can compete with it when it comes to adding a sophisticated touch to your architecture. It is beautiful on its own and is such a visual treat to any building or house. Use dark hued stone cladding and counterbalance it with some beautiful bright plants around the entire perimeter of your house. Another way to add colour is by painting your door and window trims in a bold flashy colour that pops against the dark coloured stone. You have the option of using it on your whole home or just around the walls where you know you’ll be entertaining. It is especially suited for outdoor areas like porches and pergolas. The area will be transformed before you know it and everyone will be looking at it in awe.

For a modern and stylish finish, opt for gorgeous glass fixtures
This is one material that not many would have thought of using on the outside of your houses. It might not be a good idea to cover the whole exterior of your house with glass as it might look a little over the top, but it’s the perfect choice for areas that have a lot of guests such as pergolas and patios. Glass mosaic tiles in stunning hues and patterns will make a splendid addition to your house that it will surely catch the attention of your guests.

Now that you know the latest trends in exterior cladding materials, why not book an appointment to see your local cladding specialist and choose from the hundreds of stunning options available to turn your house into an eye- catching architectural display.