Have you ever wondered what the world would have been like; if there were no rules and laws. It would definitely be chaotic place with crimes like murder, robbery and rape being committed at open daylight without any fear of getting caught. The peace and order that we see in our society is due to the existence of laws which have been imposed by every country towards their citizens. These laws are valid for every citizen of a country; be it the government employee or the head of the government himself. People who break the set rules and laws are given the penalty according to the extent of their crime. If a person has committed serious crime then the punishment can vary from lifelong jail to hanging of the culprit and if the crime is minor then the penalty include compensation, etc. The professionals who fight on the behalf of their clients and against the opposite party are known as lawyers. There are many different divisions of lawyers among which; we will be discussing about family lawyers in Melbourne and their different categories. 

Law and lawyers: 

Law can be defined as the set or system of rules that have been introduced by the government or legislative body of the country towards its citizens to maintain peace and order in the country. The breakers of these rules have to pay the penalty according to the extent of their crime. It is the lawyers who decide the penalty and other related things about the crime according to the legal rights. Lawyers make sure that the rights of their client are not being snatched away by an opposite party and try their best to make their client get the most benefits out of the whole situation. 

Various types of lawyers: 

Lawyers can be divided into various types depending upon the subject they have studied in and are professional to practice.  These lawyers might vary from family lawyers to corporate lawyers and from criminal lawyers to will and estate lawyers. 

Family lawyers and their different categories: 

As the name implies; family lawyers are the kind of legal practitioners who fights for such cases and disputes that occur within a family. The lawyers who study the subject of family law are known as family lawyers. There are many different categories of family law which include cases like child custody and child support. Moreover, many a times we see disputes among the family members due to the issues of property settlement and property distribution; these cases are also solved by the family legal practitioners. If you want a financial support or a restraining order from any of your family member then you will have to take your case to the courtroom and if you are right then you will surely win the case or will get the maximum benefits out of it. 

 Divorce lawyers: 

One such category of family lawyers is divorce lawyers. Divorce lawyers in Melbourne are the lawyers who help in getting you a divorce from your partner while following all of the legal rights. This divorce can either be a petition or a complaint against your present spouse.  The legal practitioner who carries out the divorce cases in the court room tries his best that his client gets the most benefits out of the situation by coming up with solid proofs and explanations. These benefits might vary from getting the child custody to the maximum alimony and from financial support to division of property. This is the reason that people want to hire the best of divorce lawyers because they known that; better the lawyer will be; stronger will be the case of that particular side. 


A good lawyer is the one who plays his part so heartily and has an eye for every angle of contingency so that nothing can go against you in the court room. There are various types of lawyers who might vary from corporate lawyers to criminal lawyers. One such type of lawyers are known as family lawyers who are further divided into different categories like divorce lawyers , child custody lawyers, property settlement lawyers and so on. “Vic rajah family lawyers” are considered as one of the best in the related field of family law.