Creating an online store with WordPress ensures the basic prerequisites for business success. The platform is not only a highly reliable one, but it is also easy to use and benefits of an enormous amount of content (in the form of plugins and extensions) that let one customize their store as desired.

Find out below the key tips to using WordPress to your best advantage for online commerce:

  1. Focus on functionality first

Most people make the mistake of thinking about the design first, choosing a theme and suitable elements to go with it. However, one must first decide the functions of their site or web store and later envision the design. This is because function comes first; you can choose and tweak the design later. It can be much more difficult to act the other way around.


  1. Security all the way

You need to cater to this early on. Start by choosing one of the most reliable WordPress hosting in Australia¬†you can find (not necessarily the most expensive one). A good host will ensure your store is up at all times, but also keep it secure. Keep in mind that you’ll be handling sensible customer data and payment details. In addition, you must use WordPress security plugins as well. However, the hosting service will take most of the weight off your shoulders.


  1. Categories and permalinks

To boost a web store’s credibility, you have to create relevant categories, in order to group what you’re selling. Customers tend to trust more a store that is well organized and paid attention to this aspect, instead of one that doesn’t differentiate its merchandise. Apart from that, you should also work on the permalink structure. Go edit the link to each post and make it reflect exactly what it is about. For example, replace or any other random ending with something like this:


  1. The SSL certificate

Purchasing a SSL certificate is essential to having a secure online store. This helps create a secure connection between the customer and the server that’s hosting your site. It will be reflected in your link too, as a green symbol. The setup is simple and you can usually obtain the certificate with your hosting package.


  1. Introduce a free shipping option

Although this comes later in the process, it’s a very important requirement. You may not (and should not) be able to offer free shipping on all items, but do so for the bigger orders over a certain amount of money. Customers need to feel like they’re getting a good deal and ‘free’ is a word that always sounds good to them.


  1. The navigation menu

Give this some extra time. The navigation menu is an essential part of your web store and it determines whether your visitors will want to spend time browsing it or not. It can ensure easy access to your merchandise, or make it annoyingly complicated.


These six tips are often overlooked when creating a WordPress-based online store. When you cater to these aspects, you don’t just build your store better, you actually improve its every aspect and make the whole process easier and more effective. Give yourself an advantage from the start.

Image Source : HA – WordPress